6 Months Of Friendship VS 16 Months Of Friendship | My Dog Loves Our Baby

Watch my dog and our baby grow up together, 12 months of friendship. Our dogs fall in love and become best friends with our baby 6 months VS 16 months old , these are the sweetest baby and dog memories that nearly made me cry! Our dogs love our little baby girl!

French Bulldogs Griffin and Haru are best friends with our baby Sienna Lee and are growing up together. These are sweet moments between Sienna Lee, Haru and Griffin that show the strong bond that my dogs and our baby have. From when they met our newborn baby for the first time to now our baby being 1 year and 4 months old! They have the sweetest dog baby relationship. Hope you enjoy today's video, sorry if you tear up, this is the sweetest cutest dog baby memory video!
Dogs Fall In Love With Our Baby |, dog love baby, baby and dog growing up together
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